Scooter battery holder

Scooter battery holder, made of S235JR low carbon steel, laser cut.

The ideal seat for a Scooter's battery

Housed inside the metal structure, is closed in same by the cover, guaranteeing its protection from external atmospheric agents.

The slits along the holder ensure that any battery fumes do not compromise safety.

Specifically designed for the vehicle

The battery holder has been specifically designed and sized for the vehicle to which it is applied.

The structure and its sizing have been created "ad hoc" to ensure an easy assembly and at the same time a practicality combined with safety.

It is important to dampen the vibrations

During the product design, we had to face the vibrations generated by the vehicle during operation.

Obviously a metal to metal contact, even with minimal vibrations, generates a noise that is often unpleasant and certainly harmful to noise pollution.

We therefore decided to cover the part that is used to join the battery holder to the scooter frame with a material reducing this effect.
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