Flexible cables and controls

We produce flexible cables and controls based on our client's drawing and project for the motorcycle, automotive, agricultural, aeronautical and industrial sectors, following high quality standards and in accordance with the client's standards and the current regulations. The cabling, where required, is tested according to the client's specifications, as far as pull-extraction, breaking and working loads are concerned, and a final test certificate is attached to the production batch.


Handles and Frames

Handlebars complete with controls and control levers with flexible transmissions (cables) made according to the client's drawing, with or without a foam plastic handgrip in the position of the hands. From the client's drawing, complete frames are also produced, already part of our normal production line, together with handlebars with joints, screws, small parts and possible compound levers and controls, in addition to necessary cabling.


Command components and levers

The components used for the handlebars of our production are selected from the current production standards, based on our client's needs. Thanks to the components, it is possible to curve a handlebar and tighten it in the most suitable position for use, with either a quick tightening or a traditional tightening with a key or knob. The wide range of Levers and Controls allows us to better meet the specific and real needs of the client by proposing a high quality and technological product able to satisfy the various types and applications, ranging from both entirely mechanical and electrical applications.


Metal wire products

Baskets, compound levers, handles, fairleads and any other item made of curved and/or welded metal wire and possibly covered in heat-shrinkable rubber, or merely painted or galvanized. As for the handlebars, using the curved tube, our company also includes in its normal production the curvature of the metal wire, often using same for the compound levers necessary for the complete handlebars and for any piece designed by the client.


Light metal sheet carpentry

Applications obtained from Sheet Metal, cut by Laser up to a thickness of 20mm, in stainless steel or low carbon steel. Possibly folded, composed of several parts welded together, drilled and threaded. Possibly treated superficially with powder coating, zinc coating and/or plastic coating.


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